Webinar 2: Chemistry, Cambridge and Calibration - the ANB Sensors story

Those of us that studied Chemistry will be familiar with the term pH which stands for potential of Hydrogen. The pH scale was devised in 1923 by Danish biochemist Søren Peter Lauritz Sørensen and is used to measure the acidity of various substances.

One problem facing those who need to measure pH is the need to calibrate the sensors before they are used. If the sensor is buried deep inside a cow’s stomach, or part of an experiment being conducted in space, how do you maintain calibration of these pH sensors to ensure consistency?

This was a challenge that Cambridge based company ANB Sensors has overcome.

Not only have they overcome the challenges of chemistry and science, they have also managed to navigate multiple Government Grant schemes to secure over £1.3M of funding since they started the company in 2015.

In June 2020, ANB Sensors completed a seed funding round as a co-investment by Hatch Blue, an early-stage aquaculture venture capital firm and angel investors, experienced industry professionals represented by Namier Capital Partners.

Namier Senior Advisor Sandra Pajarola speaks with CEO and Co-Founder of ANB Sensors, Nathan Lawrence.

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Webinar 1: Can technology get the hospitality industry back on its feet?

With Bars and restaurants now cautiously reopening in the UK, what does this mean for operators of these establishments? Technology will play a large part in the return to trading mode, but what about the 6 months following that and beyond?

Venues that have never installed ordering apps or digital menus may be racing to implement a cost-effective solution to get them through the initial period, but what about if the Government advice changes over time?

Are mobile ordering apps the solution and what technology can provide the best flexibility?


In this webinar recorded in July 2020, CEO Matthew Husselby was joined by Namier Capital Partners Senior Advisor Sandra Pajarola to explore these issues and field questions from participants.


You can also listen to the webinar in audio format below.

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