Entrepreneurs & start-ups

We advise entrepreneurs as they

shape the future with new technologies.

Working with a handful of the highest potential companies at any given time, our aim is to build deep, long-lasting partnerships with founders and management teams. We earn trust by operating with absolute integrity. We win permission by blending sector expertise and investor knowledge. We build confidence by immersing ourselves in each business.


Our experience and judgement help them to navigate the inevitable highs and the lows. And, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the journey. We share the ambition, the drive and the urgency. Most of all, we are believers - we believe in supporting extraordinary people to do extraordinary things. When it comes to our advice, we are resolutely neutral. Committed only to identifying and pursuing the best outcomes for founders and businesses. We’re not afraid to say no.


That’s why when we raise money, it’s for the right reasons at the right time on the right terms with the right partners. No quick fixes or wishful thinking. Just simple, clear and well-evidenced advice you can act on with certainty when it matters most.




by enhancing processes right at the heart of existing businesses to improve the economics, competitiveness and performance of existing commercial models.



 by extending the reach of existing markets by facilitating new channels, function, value, speed or convenience.

Disrupting sector paradigms

changing the way whole

markets operate.

Our extensive network in the UK,

Continental Europe and China gives the companies we work

with access to:

  • angel investor groups

  • high net worth individuals

  • family offices

  • venture capitalists

  • institutional investors.

Namier Capital provides advisory services for:

  • Raising new equity capital both in a private and public market context

  • Raising new, or refinancing/restructuring existing, debt in all parts of the balance sheet

  • Attracting new investors through partnerships, joint ventures and full or partial sales

  • Financial restructuring prior to flotation or full/partial sale


The question for CEOs is: how?


How do you disrupt the natural order and appetite for risk

inside your business?

How do you evolve culture?

How do you step-change technology, product development

and data analytics?

How do you re-engineer the economics of the business model?


Without question, connecting with the future when you’re judged relentlessly on the present creates a complex conundrum

for corporates. 

At Namier Capital we combine sector commercial knowledge, direct tech start-up experience and decades operating at the very top of global corporate finance to advise leaders as they aim to reach beyond where their current R&D or M&A can go. We advise leaders seeking opportunities to unlock growth by disrupting thick-set attitudes

to risk. Guiding leaders on the case for strategic acquisitions and disposals that re-shape portfolios.  Identifying and pursuing strategic investments in accelerator companies which transform processes, extending reach in existing markets and opening up new ones.


We bridge the gap between new businesses and the funds, high net worth investors or family offices backing them.

We connect exceptional growth companies led by exceptional people with an investor network we have built over decades. These are early stage businesses already generating revenue from technologies or IP with enormous transformative potential inside bigger companies or across categories, channels and markets. 


They are entrepreneurs and companies with strategies we believe in. They have already proven they can sell, build revenue and partner. Now they need the expertise and funds to enable them to scale quickly and realise their full potential.


At Namier Capital we combine sector commercial knowledge, direct tech start-up experience and decades operating at the very top of global corporate finance. We use our experience and judgement to advise a select number of companies and investors. At the right time and on the right terms we connect them. 

A Changing

Investment Environment


The incessant pace of industrial evolution brings commensurate change in investor focus and requirements. No sector is immune to the impact of technology and this transforms the nature of investing. It is axiomatic that the greatest returns are generated when an investor can access the point in a company’s life where value creation is at its highest. For a growth company this point is typically when it is privately-owned. Not withstanding issues of liquidity, this will draw increasing capital flows to privately-owned growth businesses. Capital that historically might have been confined to the Public Markets.


Namier Capital comprehends this trend and draws on it to the benefit of both its advisory and investment clients.


Although Namier Capital is founded on a bedrock of UK connections, it offers its clients substantive international reach.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Far East, we have access to several of the leading institutional investors, including sovereign wealth funds, as well as private equity firms, venture capitalists and family offices. Namier Capital directors also have access to their own international networks of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth investors. They have the capacity to co-invest in companies they advise.


We have advised companies on doing business in China for 20 years with specific focus on identifying acquisition targets, and merger and partnership opportunities.

  Our networks in China include:


  • Policy Makers: NDRC, Mofcom, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SASAC

  • Funds: CIC, CNIC, SAFE, Silk Road Fund, Bric Bank and AIIB

  • Development Banks: China Development Bank, China Exim Bank

  • Many of Beijing’s top 100 State Owned Enterprises


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